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Welcome to Place

Celebrate Arts Month 2019 with the Hi-lo.

What is this?

Hi-lo Place is a collaborative pixel art mural, a space where you can draw and create live, in real time, along with other Hi-lo readers.

The rules are easy; create whatever you want, as long as it's appropriate for all ages and respectful to all.

You can stake out a section of the mural for yourself to start a new piece, add to what's already being worked on, or even draw over what's already there, if you're feeling destructive. At the end of the month, we'll do something cool with the final mural, though we haven't decided exactly what that'll be yet.

Getting an account

You can sign in or create a Place account by clicking Get Started in the top navigation bar. Once you do this, you can enter your current account details or create a new one. We also allow authentication through various third-party services, if you would prefer that.

Placing pixels

Placing pixels is easy. Pan over to the area you want to place the pixel, zoom in, select your colour by clicking on it in the palette, and click where you want to place it.

Keyboard Controls

You can use the following keyboard controls on Place:

  • G: Toggle grid.
  • Space: Toggle zoom in/out.
  • Esc: Exit colour picker, exit dialog, deselect current colour.
  • P: Select the current colour under your mouse pointer.
  • ▲ / W: Pan upward
  • ▼ / S: Pan downward
  • ◀ / A: Pan to the left
  • ▶ / D: Pan to the right

Other topics

If you need help with anything else, email [email protected]


Hi-lo Place is based on Dynastic Place, which is based on reddit Place. It is licensed under a modified version of the APGL-3.0 license. Please see it for details.